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Multifunction battery balance Charger
Model:1010B V3.07

1010B is a Synchronous Rectification and microprocessor controlled high performance rapid charger/discharger/balancer for NIMH/NICD, LI-ION, LIPO, LIFE and Lead Acid battery packs with cell balancer..

Synchronous Rectification--- a advanced charging technology, we are first manufacturer to use the technology to design balance charger --- assure up to 95% power transfer efficiency. Not only save the power but only make the charger size is only 140*98*25(mm), smaller body (580g) make the charger easy to use and convenient to take.

user's manual V3.09(762K )


Charge current is up to 10A, 250W MAX. Discharge current is up to 7A, 30W MAX.

For 1 to 10S li-on/LiPo/LiFe, 1-27S NiMh/NiCd, 2-36V lead acid (Pb)

Charge 1 pack of 1-10S or 2 Packs of 1-5S or 3 packs of 1S-3S simultaneously


Built-in cell balancer---Perfect balancing the Li-ion, Li-Poly and LiFe Batteries
The built-in balancer automatically detect and balance each cell voltage of the 1 to 10 cells in series. It monitors the voltages of each cell during the charge process to equalize the cell voltage within 10mV.

Smart cooling fan
when the internal temperature reaches the preset limit, the fan will start automatically.

Unique Li-ion/LiPo/LiFe Monitor program
You can discharge your basttery at any current with external load, the program will monitor the cell voltage, battery temperature, time and so on, in case of any unexpected occasions, 10101B will alarm and protect the cell and battery form over discharged..

Temperature sensor
The processor monitors the temperature of the battery being charged during the process. For safety reason, the charger can stop the process at high temperature by your set up.

Back-light LCD screen
You can adjust the brightness of LCD display

Robust outer aluminum case
High-quality aluminum case is durable and very efficient to cool out the internal heat, intelligent cooling fan can start automatically when the internal temperature reach 40íŠ .

Dual DC Input
1010B design dual DC power supply. it is convenient to connect to the any DC power, for the different power adapter(12V 1-25A), 1010B can adjust the charging power and current automatically to protect the adapter.

The 1010B can charge your battery pack at up to 10 Amps current. 2*5S packs, 3*3S packs or 3*2S packs can be charged simultaneously.

as far as a 5.0AH 37.0V battery pack or two 5.0AH 18.5V packs, the charging time is also 60-90min at most, for the 5.0AH 18.5V battery pack, the charging time will be only 30-40min, the charge current will reach 2C or 3C.

Perfect protection
The 1010B has all kinds of protection for reversed polarity( input or output), low input voltage, battery temp. and charging capacity.

And the charger will adjust the charge power upon the input power automatically, if the internal temperature is larger than the limit, 1010B will decrease the charge power to protect the charger, when the temperature goes down to under the limit, the charge power will be resumed.

2 working mode assure your battery safety and rapidly charge.

  1. if you connect only the output lead to your battery pack. The unit charges your pack quickly. If your battery is balanced before charge, the feature is very useful for you to save your time.  A 10S pack with 5AH will be charged fully in 60 min.
  2. As a balance charger, if the output lead and balance port are  be connected at the same time, the 1010B will charge and balance your pack quickly. it is the best for large capacity battery pack to do so, because of extending the batteryí»s cycle life and safety.

Main Specifications:

  1. Input Voltage/Current:   DC 10-18V,20A
  2. Charge Power: 250W MAX.
  3. Output Voltage:  42.0V(42.5V MAX.)
  4. Charge Current:  10A, max.
  5. Discharge power:  30w max.
  6. Discharge current: up to 7A
  7. Balancing current: 400mA
  8. Cycle times:1-10
  9. Battery memories:1-10 model

General Specifications:

  1. Operating Temperature: 0~40íŠ
  2. Storage Temperature:  -20~85íŠ
  3. Operating Relative Humidity:  5~95%RH

Mechanical Characteristics:

  1. Dimension: 140*98*25(mm, L*W*H)
  2. Case Material : Al alloy
  3. Input lead: silicon wire 500mm long ending with 4mm banana gold plug, Special alligator clips for Lead Acid battery.
  4. Output lead: 4mm banana gold plug, silicon wire 300mm long ending in alligator clips(standard) or JST/TAMIYA/DEANS(optional) connector
  5. Balance port: 11PIN, Connector Conversion Board CCB-ABC, and conversion wire CEH-11
  6. weight: 580g(without cables)

Safety Certification: CE

1010B is fully committed to compliance with the European Unioní»s RoHS directive.

CW9: Temperature Sensor
CW2: Input power lead --- DC plug with Alligator clips
input power leads
CW1: Output power lead -- 4mm banana with alligator clips
CEH-11: Conversion Wire
All kinds of balance connectors are customized for TP, Flightpower, Hyperion, Kokam, Graupner lipo batteries and  so on.

Related Products:

Chargery Balance Connector  Conversion Board (CCB)

  1. The CCB is designed for connecting the 1010B to the different brand LiPo battery packs with different balance connector, including TP, KOKAM, Flightpower, Polyquest, Electrifly etc.
  2. The CEH-11 is used to connect the 1010B and CCB.
  3. To use CCB, you can balance 2 or 3 LiPo battery packs at the same time, such as two 5S, or three 2S, three 3S.
  4. Size : 100*40*8(mm,L*W*T)
  5. Weight:15g
CW15: Alligator clips with 4mm gold banana

CCB-ABC for 3*2S, 3*3S, 4S, 5S, 6S, 7S, 8S, 9S, 10S  Flight power and Thunder power lipo batteries pack

CCB - AKT for 2S to 6S and 3*2S, 3*3S, 2*4S, 2*5S Kokam/Graupner and Align/Dualsky  lipo batteries pack CCB - AQP for 2S to 6S and 3*2S, 3*3S, 2*4S, 2*5S Polyquest / Hepeion  lipo batteries pack
for Align pack for Polyquest pack
CW3: 4mm banana with Deans plug
CW5: 4mm banana with JST plug
4mm gold banana to DEANS plug 4mm gold banana to JST plug
Click connect the 1010B to the battery pack for more information.
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