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AC-DC Adapter (DC Power Supply)

Redesigned A12 improve the converting efficiency and reliable, up to 87% efficiency can save more energy, and new A12 can work at AC 90~265V perfectly.

The unit transform AC 90~265V into DC 12 V, its maximal output power reaches 150W, it may power most 10-18 V chargers.

Connect any 12V Charger which is supposed to be powered by DC 10-18V, the switching power supply will provide up to 13 Amps. it is also equipped with both US / Japan and Europe AC plugs, world wide use at 90~265V AC and need not any alternative switcher.



  1. Switching technology
  2. Light & Convenient Plug In
  3. Over current protection
  4. Dual channel output for more application

Input/Output Specifications:

  1. Input Voltage:   AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
  2. Range Voltage: AC 90-265V, 47~63Hz
  3. Output Power:   150W MAX.
  4. Output Voltage: 12.0V(12.6V MAX.)
  5. Output Current: 12.5A(13A, MAX.)

General Specifications:

  1. Operating Temperature:   0~40℃
  2. Storage Temperature:      -20~85℃
  3. Operating Relative Humidity: 5~95%RH
  4. Withstanding Voltage:   AC 2000V(Min),5mA(Max)
  5. Insulation Resistance:   DC 500V  100MΩ(Min)

Mechanical Characteristics:

  1. Dimension: 150*68*46 (mm, L*W*H)
  2. AC Plug: Customized according to your demand
  3. Case Material : AL alloy
  4. DC Connector : 4mm gold banana jack
  5. Net weight: 480g without input cable.

Safety Certification:CE

A12 is fully committed to compliance with the European Union’s RoHS directive.

4mm gold banana output connector
AC plug can be customized
Efficiency curve at AC 110V and 220V Input for A12

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