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Multifunction battery balance Charger
Model:C4012B V1.24

C4012B is a AC & DC dual input balancer charger, programmed battery type, cell count, charge current, charge terminal voltage for LI-ION, LIPO, LIFE, LiTo, NIMH/NICD, and Lead Acid battery.

Optimization of system design make sure the 1500W charger consume less than 1W at idel mode. TFT color LCD is easy to display clearly voltage, current, capacity charged and internal temperature.


Although C4012B charge any battery at 40A 1500W, the efficiency is still up to 94% at a small size.




Special Features

  1. AC/DC dual input and identify automatically when AC and DC source connected to the charger simultaneously
  2. 100W maxmial discharge need not any external load
  3. 1.2A balance curren per cell
  4. Over current protection
  5. Over voltage protection
  6. Charge power protection
  7. Over temperature protection
  8. Anti spark on battery connection
  9. Reverse polarity protection of battery connection
  10. Wrong battery connection protection when multi battery pack connected in series on adapter board.
  11. LCD display battery voltage, charge current, charging time, capacity charged
  12. Charge terminal voltage, terminal current and cell count is programmed
  13. Supports upgrading the firmware program by USB port.


  1. Input voltage: DC 10-28V, 30V max. or AC 100-265V.
  2. Input Current: 25A maximal at DC input, and 15Arms at AC110V input
  3. Charge current: 0.1-20A, 500W max. at DC input or 1-40A, 1500W max. at AC input
  4. Discharge Current: 0.1-40A, 100W max.
  5. Accuracy of the cell voltage: -5mV/+5mV
  6. Balance current: 1.2A per cell only for LiPoly, Li-ion, LiTo and LiFePO4 battery pack
  7. Battery Type:1-12S LiPoly, Li-ion, LiHV, LiTo, LiFePO4, NiMh/NiCd, Pb acid(VRLA) battery pack



Mechanical Characteristics

  1. Size281*170*68 (LWH, mm) or 11.16.7207 (LWH, inch))
  2. Weight: 3.5Kg

Updated to V1.30

Chargery C4012B manual v1.30(843K ) Charge 12S LTO on balance charge mode
1500W 12S balance charger, AC / DC Dual input

Safety Certification: CE

the charger is fully committed to compliance with the European Unions RoHS directive.

Commnication cable
DC Input cable
adapter wire for 5006B adapter board for 6S battery
Temperature Sensor AC INPUT Cable
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