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BMS for LiPo/Li-ion/LiFe batteries pack

Even the performance of the cells used to connect in series is same when assembling, after the battery pack is charged and discharged for several cycles, the voltage, impedance and capacity of the cells in the battery pack are certainly different from each other. The bigger difference, the shorter discharging time, and it will be dangerous if you continue to use the different cells.

Chargery released BMS (Battery Management System), which is applied to 2 to 24S lipo & LiFe cells . We focus on developing the advanced balance technology to meet different applications.

Chargery improved the voltage accuracy to under 5mV, that help us to protect and manage each cell voltage and SOC. the new BMS24 and BMS16Pro has the following specifications,

  1. Up to 600A charge,
  2. Up to 600A discharge
  3. 1.2A balance current per cell and temperature protection prevent BMS over heat.
  4. Update firmware by USB port from PC, improve or customize any functions according to your requirements
  5. Support regenerative braking, during braking operation can charge the batter pack and the discharge power (Wh) will decrease to response to the braking power.


Click the following model to get the product details.
BMS24T For 24S lipo/LiFe/LiTo cells, 600A charge, 600A discharge, with Current Shunt
BMS16T For 2-16S lipo/LiFe/LiTo cells, 600A charge, 600A discharge, with Current Shunt
BMS8T For 2-8S lipo/LiFe/LiTo cells, 600A charge, 600A discharge, with Current Shunt
BMS16 For 2-16S lipo/LiFe cells, 100A charge, 300A discharge, with Current Sensor
For 3-8S lipo/LiFe cells, 75A charge, 300A discharge
For 3-8S lipo/LiFe cells, 25A charge, 100A discharge
For 2-6S lipo cells, no input
For 2-6S lipo cells, DC 30V MAX.

For 2-6S lipo cells, DC 30V MAX. input
the highest efficiency balancer. 1A of balance current

BMS16T manual (1427K ) BMS24T manual (1229K )


BMS16 manualV2.0 (1580K ) BMS8T manual (1286K )
SOC--Battery Gauge Cell voltage ON BMS24
BMS8 bms16
BMS8 maual (284K ) BMS16 manualV1.16 (1385K )
the best and coolest bike is CAKE KALK, built-in Chargery BMS24T and powered by 1500W charger C10325.
C10325 charge Cake Kalk bike


Beeper 32*13.5mm, 300mm wire length

Warning LED, 300mm

Temperature Sensor, 600mm Relay Controller wire, 600mm
Temp Sensor Relay Controller
Current Sensor wire, 300mm Battery connection XHR-9PIN, 600mm
CurrenSensor XH-9P
USB data cable  
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