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Smart BMS8 for LiPo/Li-ion batteries pack

BMS8 is a high efficiency wide input voltage BMS, the device can detect and monitor 3S to 8S LiPo and LiFePO4 cells voltage and charge or discharge current, battery temperature in a smaller size.

Nixie display indicator display each cell voltage, battery pack voltage, difference of cell voltage and the balance state of the battery pack.

Main Functions:

  1. Over voltage protection
  2. Under voltage protection
  3. Over temperature protection
  4. Over current protection
  5. Short circuit protecion
  6. Balance cell votage
  7. Detect and display cell voltage
  8. Sound Alarm


BMS8 datasheet (283K )

BMS8-75 datasheet (268K )


BMS8Pro is high current version based on BMS8, 50A charger, 75A continue to discharge and 300A max.


  1. Detect and display pack voltage, difference of cell voltage and temperature, each cell voltage by microprocessor, 100% calibration before delivery make sure the high accuracy.
  2. Over Voltage protection during charge, BMS8 will cut off charge and sound warning by beeper
  3. Under Voltage protection during discharge, BMS8 will cut off discharge and sound warning by beeper
  4. Over temperature protection during charge or discharge, BMS8 will cut off charge or discharge and sound warning by beeper
  5. Over current and short circuit protection,
    • Cut off discharge when 25A to 100A discharge current during different continuous time. It means the e-scooter doní»t lose power under 100A, such as the e-Scooter can be powered at 40A for 1 second at least, and cut off, then resume automatically.
    • 100A or more when short circuit, cut off discharge automatically and resume 10 seconds later.
    • Dual protection by program and hardware, more reliable.

New Features:

  1. Low Quiescent current design, BMS8 draw current from all cells to keep the cell voltage balanced and minimize the power consumption in stand-by.
  2. High accuracy balance and detection
  3. AL alloy case
  4. Approved by CE


  1. battery type: LiPo & LiFe
  2. Cells Count :? 3S - 8S
  3. Maximal Voltage on P+ and P-: 35V
  4. Maximal Voltage on B+ and B-: max. 35V
  5. Charge Current:? up to 25A
  6. Discharge current: 0~25A continue, 100A burst
  7. Current drain for balancing: 300mA/cell.
  8. Balance accuracy: <10mV
  9. Over Charge Protection Voltage: 4.20V/cell (LiPo), 3.75V/cell(LiFe)
  10. Over Charge Release Voltage: 4.15V/cell (LiPo), 3.45V/cell(LiFe)
  11. Over Discharge Protection Voltage: 3.0V/cell (LiPo), 2.0V/cell(LiFe)
  12. Over Discharge Release Voltage: 3.3V/cell (LiPo), 2.30V/cell(LiFe)
  13. Over temperature Protection: 85íŠ,50íŠ resume automatically
  14. Voltage display resolution: 0.001V
  15. Voltage Detection precision: 0.005V

Mechanical Characteristics:

  1. Compact size: 115 x 68 x 15mm, or 4.52í▒ x 2.67í▒ x 0.59í▒
  2. Case Material : Al alloy
  3. Balances Connector : JST XH 9PIN
  4. weight :   150g

Accessories for BMS8

CEH-9: Conversion Wire

CCB-9KT-XH For 3S, 2*4S, 5S, 6S,7S battery pack

CW24: Input power leads connect to Charger CW3: Output power leads connect to battery
CW69: adapter wire to connect to battery and charger or Load  
the best and coolest bike is CAKE KALK, built-in Chargery BMS24T and powered by 1500W charger C10325.
C10325 charge Cake Kalk bike

Safety Certification:CE

BMS8 is fully committed to compliance with the European Unioní»s RoHS directive.

Other BMS are as follows



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