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High Rate LiPo battery with Hard case for Racing Vehicle

Ultra high performance 1/10, 1/8 scale hard case LiPo battery pack and saddle pack is launched. 25C, 35C, 50C, and 2200-5800mAh capacity is avaiable.

CHARGERY Racing car battery is approved by ROAR. Lower impedance ensure 100C maximal burst discharge.

Chargery LiPo battery pack can be charged at up to 6C, 2C-3C is recommended. And longer cycle life up to over 200.

Main features is as below
  • Battery size is (70 ~ 137)*46*(24 ~ 48), (L*W*T, mm)
  • Weight is around 279 ~ 605g
  • Special developed for racing vehicle
  • 100% matched cells for Impendance, capacity and voltage
  • Meets and exceeds ROAR Sanctioning requirements
  • Embedded standard 4mm Gold connectors OR with dishcarge cable and balance connectors
  • 5.0 mOhm typical at the terminals!
  • Simple connection with Chargery chargers
  • Maintains 3.7V+ ~ 18.5V+ flat platform discharge performance under typical racing loads, for consistent power and precise control.
  • Replace with NIMH battery pack, without need for deep discharge cycling
  • 2C fast charge (with CY-0410B recommended)
  • Typical race consumes just 25-35% of capacity
  • Extremely slow self-discharge
  • CP2HE5500-4S2P, 14.8V 5500mAH, 50C continuously discharge, 100C burst
  • with discharge cable and balance connector
  • 137*46*48 (L*W*T, mm)
  • Around 605g
Normal Battery pack for mobile, portable device and notebook

Chargery "Normal Battery"  refers to the li-ion battery or Lithium Polymer battery with 3.6V//3.7V or  batteries in series and discharge rate no more than 1C. it is applied widely to almost  all consumer devices and communication handsets, include mobile, mp3,mp4,PDA, smart phone, cordless, camcorder , camera, and other portable electronic devices, such as portable DVD and notebook PC.
The Normal Battery branded "Chargery" is designed and inspected specially for the demands of customer. The battery pack consist of 3 parts, Li-ion or LiPo cell(s), PCM, and plastic case. Cell is tested strictly before assembling to meet the safe requirements of CHARGERY and customers. The PCM is designed and manufactured specially to protect the cell from over charge, over discharge ,over current and short circuit .
For more information of the product, please click the Normal Li-ion and Lithium Polymer to enter into the battery world. .
High Rate Battery


Some electric devices have to be driven with very large current, such as EV, R/C airplane, helicopters, cars and boats, and electric tools etc. .

CHARGERY High Rate Battery by is mainly applied to R/C model, EV and electric tools.

Our LiFe battery could even discharge at 15C, the maximal capacity for single cell is 4.5AH, The type of battery pack can be charged at up to 1.5C.

 while Chargery LiPo battery's discharge rate is 10C, 15C, 20C, 25C, 33C even 40C , our LiPo battery pack can be charged at up to 4C. Tthe battery capacity even reach 9600mAh, and the voltage is from 7.4V( 2 CELLS in series) to 42V( 10 CELLS in series), especially the battery size can be customized upon your demands. So tell us your requirements, we will try our best to meet you, even give you a surprise of the low price.

4S 3AH, LiFe Battery packs
To get the product specification, please click the High Rate Li-ion Battery, High Rate LiFe Battery and Lithium Polymer battery.
Electric Vehicle (E.V.) Power system

The power system is designed specially for electric vehicle, electric scooter,golf car, wheel chair including Li-ion or LiPo battery pack, BMS(Battery Management System) and professional charger. lipo battery pack
BMS protects the battery pack from over charge, over discharge,over current and short circuit. The newest product has been built in the balance function, so the PCM can detect the voltage of each cell in the pack and balance the battery.
The charger fitted with the battery is designed specially, not only compatible with the BMS, but also preventing the battery from over charge.
Click the Li-ion battery and Lithium Polymer power system to acquire more information.



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