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Chargery super BEC is released, it is for high voltage up to 60V digital servo, 20A continue output at 8.4V is capable of doing almost large power servos. Besides the BEC, Chargery cell saver can do up to 16S lipo & LiFe cell, and built-in blue tooth module is in developing.

High Voltage Super BEC

Chargery SUPER BEC is the most powerful Battery Eliminator Circuit in RC industry, it can handle high voltages and withstand incredible high current loads of 20Amps continuous in so small space. The Chargery SUPER BEC is a glitch free high efficiency, high power switching voltage regulator designed to work with all popular brands of 2.4 GH R/C receivers and servos. It provides safe and consistent power to your R/C receiver and servo(s) that eliminates the need for a separate battery source.

Chargery Super BEC data sheet V1.0(270K)




BM16 is 3S to 16S LiPo & LiFe battery saver with TFT color LCD, totally monitor each cell voltage, battery temperature, battery SOC--State of Charge-- during E-Bike, e-scooter etc. driving. The over discharge cell voltage, the highest battery temperature, battery SOC can be programmed.

The device is a high performance microprocessor controller, it can detect and display each cell voltage, record lowest cell voltage during driving, so you will find the worst cell, more safety use the battery.

BM16LF V3.1 data sheet (356K )

BM16LP V3.1 data sheet (354K )

BM16 connection diagram(190K )


Chargery Battery Saver BM12 is the first up to 12S LiPo&LiFe battery saver with TFT color LCD, totally monitor all cell voltage during flight or after land off, warning voltage, warning time, delay time for warning can be programmed as your preference.

BS12 V2.1 datasheet (254K )


Chargery Battery Saver BS6 is a microprocessor controlled LiPo battery saver, the unit can detect each cell voltage in 2S-6S LiPo and LiFe battery pack, during battery discharge, it can sound warning and LED warning while any cell voltage under setup value, and prevent any cell from over discharged.

BS6 V5.0 is available, for more information, please download the following manual.

BS6 V5.0 Specification (147K )


CHARGERY Battery Monitor BM6 is a high accurate lipo / Li-ION / LiFe battery tool. it can be used in Charge, Discharge or as a battery checking tool at the field or in the workshop. Anywhere, anytime you can monitor the cell voltage and battery balance status.

BM6 Specification (101K )

LiPo Safe Bag

Model: CY-3023S

The fireproof bags is designed for LiPo battery charge, discharge.

While charge LiPo battery or any chemical rechargeable battery, please put the battery into the bag, the charge wire and others such as balance wire, especially CHARGER, power supply and so on should be outside of the bag. at the same time, the bag should be on a non-flammable surface.

  • Material:Glass Fiber Fabric + PVC
  • Size: 300*230mm
  • Weight:170g
Adapter board & wire
Adapter wire for 7.4V Racing car battery pack balance charge
Adapter wire for saddle pack balance charge

CCB-ABC for 3*2S, 3*3S, 4S, 5S, 6S, 7S, 8S, 9S, 10S  Flight power and Thunder power lipo batteries pack

CCB-7BC for 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S TP, Flightpower and Polyquest, Hyperion batteries pack
adapter board
CCB - AKT for 2S to 6S and 3*2S, 3*3S, 2*4S, 2*5S Kokam/Graupner and Align/Dualsky  lipo batteries pack CCB - AQP for 2S to 6S and 3*2S, 3*3S, 2*4S, 2*5S Polyquest / Hepeion  lipo batteries pack

for Align pack

for Polyquest pack
CCB-9KT-XH For 4*2S, 2*3S+2S, 2*4S, 5S+3S, 6S+2S  Kokam, Align batteries pack CCB-723TPQF for 2*3S and 3*2S TP, Flightpower and Polyquest, Hyperion batteries pack
Adapter wires  
CEHP-7 for 2S-6S battery pack CEHN-7 for 2S-6S battery pack
CEH-9 for 2S-8S battery pack CEH-11 for 2S-10S battery pack
Conversion Wire( CEHP-7X) Temperature sensor (CW9)
CCB-723W, Adaptor board suit for 2*3S and 3*2S battery CEH-732, for 3*2S battery pack
Connector for battery & charger  
More boards and wires, please down load all accessories list. Including Adapter board, Adapter wire and so on.





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