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  Subject: 10S balance charger---1010B
  1. The output of the AC adapter fit for 1010B is DC12V 20A  or 15V 16A?
  • CHARGERY design and make the special adapter A20 to power the 1010B, it can export DC 15V 16A, we redesign the circuit of the 12V 20A , the benefit is less heat and smaller body. the power of the type of adatper is 240W (12A*20V and 16A*15V), the adapter is fit for 1010B, the power is enough, It can assure 1010B works at the maximal power of 200w.
  1. I tried charging with it on the 1010B and the max charge it would allow was 7A on 5S (about 130 watts). If I went to 8A on 5S charge the power supply would quit. It seems to me a 16A power supply should be able to handle much more than this, even considering inefficiency in the charger. Can you sell a power supply that can handle the max capability of the 1010B?
  • I charge 5S battery at 10.0A (the battery voltage is 19.9V) with the power supply, the charge power of the 1010B is 19.9*10.0=199W. Please see the attached image.
  1. The adapter board that comes with the 1010B charger I am not 100% clear how it works. Are the extra connectors on the 2S and 3S for packs to charge in series? For example if I charge 3 x 2S packs in series I should plug all three in?
  • I check the connection diagram for the TP, FP battery, On the CCB-ABC, the socket A, B, C,D, E have 2 connectors (4pin and 6pin), it is for 10S,9S,8S,7S and 6S battery pack respectively, the battery should have 2 plugs with the same PINs.ííThe socket F and G is for 5S and 4S battery. The H is for 3S, and then the H1 and H2 is also 3S, but must be used with the H, that is to say, the 1010B can charge 2*3s (H and H1), 3*3S(H, H1 and H2), Socket J, j1 and j2 are as same as H, but it is for 2S, 2*2s or 3*2s. The key is only a row of socket is used once time. For any questions, let me know, thanks.
  1. I do not like the small Thunder Power balance adapters for the 5 and 6 cell charger. If the customer wants to charge a 2 cell battery, then charge a 3 cell battery later, they must unplug the adapter and plug it back in on the 3S section. It should work more like the 1010B adapter. Only one plug from the charger to the balance board. Attached is a small picture of the bantam 5 cell balance board. Your suggestions is very good, we will improve it.

in the past year of 2007, we have research and developed many new charger and balance chargers, such as 680B, 1010B, HB6 and so on. till now, CHARGERY have formed 3 series product line, AC Adapter is from 50W to 250W, Balancer is from for 2 cell to for 16 cells. Balance charger is from for 1 cell to for 10 cells.

welcome to use our products, and welcome your advice or any requirements. thanks.



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