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12S battery saver
BS12 V2.3

Chargery Battery Saver BS12 is the first up to 12S LiPo&LiFe battery saver with TFT color LCD, totally monitor all cell voltage during flight or after land off, warning voltage, warning time, delay time for warning can be programmed as your preference.

The device is a high performance microprocessor controlled, it can detect each cell voltage in 2S-12S LiPo or LiFe battery pack whatever 2 packs connected in series or parallel, record lowest voltage for each cell during flight, so you will find the worst performance cell in your pack.

it can sound warning by two 95dB beeper and LED warning while any cell voltage under setup value, and prevent any cell from over discharged.


BS12 is updated to V2.2, for more information, please check with the data sheet.

BS12 V2.1 datasheet (254K )

BS12 V2.3 datasheet (254K )

Before flight, please set up warning cell voltage, delay time and warning time, after pressing the SET button, the unit can record your setup till next change.

After land off, what you watched is all real cell voltage, total voltage, but press UP button, all cell lowest voltage will be displayed, the back ground color will be changed simultaneously,




  1. Battery range: 2S - 12S Lipo & LiFe battery
  2. Alarm cell voltage during flight: 2.0 ~ 4.0V
  3. Alarm cell voltage while charge: >4.22V
  4. Warning LED: 11000mCd, 30mA
  5. Warning beeper: 95dB @ 12V, 25mA
  6. Pins distance: 2.54mm
  7. Size: 62 * 44.5 * 6 (L*W*T, mm )
  8. Weight: 30g

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