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BM16LP / BM16LF V3.1

Chargery Battery Saver BM16 have two model for LiPo and LiFe battery pack separately, the model is BM16LP and BM16LF. Now two models are updated to V3.1, new version can do any cell combination such as 3S + 6S or 6S + 6S.

BM16LF is 3S to 16S LiFe battery saver with TFT color LCD, totally monitor each cell voltage, battery temperature, battery SOC--State of Charge-- during E-Bike, e-scooter etc. driving. The over discharge cell voltage, the highest battery temperature, battery SOC can be programmed.

The device is a high performance microprocessor controller, it can detect and display each cell voltage, record lowest cell voltage during driving, so you will find the worst cell, more safety use the battery.

it can sound warning by 85dB beeper and RED LED flash warning while any cell voltage under setup value, battery temperate over setup or battery gauge under setup, prevent any cell from over discharged.


BM16LF / BM16LP V3.1 is released, for more information, please check with the data sheet.

BM16LF V3.1 data sheet (356K )

BM16LP V3.1 data sheet (354K )

BM16 connection diagram(190K )

on V3.1, the unit can do drive relay and other warning/cutoff device, and all protection parameters can be programmed.

Program Setup Menu

ERROR information display


    1. Battery range: 3S-16S LiFePO4 / LiPo battery pack
    2. Over charge Alarm cell voltage
      • LiFe 3.40~3.90V, default 3.70V
      • LiPo 3.90~4.30V, default 4.25V
    3. Over discharge warning cell voltage:
      • LiFe 2.00~3.50V, default 3.00V
      • LiPo 2.80~4.20V, default 3.00V
    4. Delay time when start to warning:2S
    5. Warning time:20S per period
    6. Accurate scope of the cell voltage: -5mV/+5mV
    7. Cell voltage display range:0.50V~4.99V, NO display when under 0.50V
    8. Cell voltage display resolution: 0.001V
    9. Temperature display range:0.0íŠ~99.9íŠ,
      • Display 0.0 when under 0.0íŠ
      • Display 99.9 when over 100íŠ
    10. SOC indicator:
      • RED area @ 0~15% of SOC
      • YELLOW area @ 16~35% of SOC
      • GREEN area @ 36~100% of SOC
    11. Pins distance: 2.54mm
    12. Size:70*65*11 ( L*W*T, mm)
    13. Weight: 30g
    14. Warning LED: 11000mCd, @ 2.0V, 20mA
    15. Warning beeper: 85dB @ 12V, 25mA
    16. Package: transparent heat shrink tube or Customized AL alloy case

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