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AC Charger for LiPo/Li-ion battery pack

The portable lead acid battery charger is designed specially for 12v and 30AH (maximal) battery.

CC/CV (constant current and constant voltage) charging method assures the batteryí»s service life, at the same time the battery is charged 100% capacity.

It is super easy to use. The charger can be plugged directly into a AC 100V-240V outlet and charge your battery.

The charging time depends on the battery capacity. Generally, the time(h) is also equal to battery capacity(mAh)/charging current (mA).

When the battery pack is full charged, the chargerí»s LED is automatic from RED to GREEN.  


  1. High power conversion efficiency
  2. Light & Convenient Plug In
  3. Ultrasonic welding case to prevent cracking


  1. For 12V lead acid battery or VRLA used in any portable device or machine

Input/Output Specifications:

  1. Input Voltage:AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  2. Range Voltage:AC 90-264 V, 47/63Hz
  3. Output Power: customized.
  4. Output Voltage:14.4V(15.0V MAX.)
  5. Output Current:0.5 A - 20A, customized current is available.

General Specifications:

  1. Operating Temperature:                  0~40íŠ
  2. Storage Temperature:                    -20~85íŠ
  3. Operating Relative Humidity:        5~95%RH
  4. Withstanding Voltage:                    AC 2000V(Min),5mA(Max)
  5. Insulation Resistance:                    DC 500V  100MŽŞ(Min)

Mechanical Characteristics:

  1. Dimension: depends on the charger's output power( i.e. output current multiply output voltage)
  2. Case Material : Plastic case
  3. Input plug: customized, such as EUROPE STANDARD.
  4. output lead: Coaxial jack or customized
  5. weight: depends on the charger's output power

Safety Certification:CE

C12P is fully committed to compliance with the European Unioní»s RoHS directive.

AC plug can be customized
DC connector can be customized

A Complete charger list is as follows. Click model directly to get the product details.
Application Model
Smart Chargers: C650, C550, C350, C110, C105, C610
AC Charger for LiPo/Li-ion battery pack:
C01, C01D, C02, C03, C04, C05
C06, C07, C08, C10, C13
AC Charger for NIMH/NICd battery pack:
C0206N, C0510N, C1020N
C1530N, C2040N
AC Charger for Lead acid battery or VRLA: C06P, C12P,C36P



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