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LiPo/Li-ion Smart Charger

The portable Li-ion or LiPo battery charger is absolutely safe even your battery be charged without PCM (Protection Circuit Module). It is designed specially for 1 to 10 high rate discharged Li-ion or LiPo batteries without PCM in order to lighten the battery or save money.

It is super easy to use. The charger can be plugged directly into a AC 100V-240V outlet to charge your Lithium packs. There are two buttons on the unit, one is to choose the cell count, and the other is STOP/ENTER to start or quit the charging.
When the battery pack is fully charged, the chargerí»s LED is automatic from RED to GREEN.


The charging time depends on the battery capacity. Generally, the time(h) is also equal to battery capacity(mAh) / charging current(mA).



  1. High power conversion efficiency
  2. Light & Convenient Plug In
  3. Ultrasonic welding case to prevent cracking


  1. For 1 to 10 Li-ION or LiPo cells in series used in any RC models

Input/Output Specifications:

  1. Input Voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  2. Range Voltage: AC 90-264 V, 47/63Hz
  3. Output Power: 125W
  4. Output Voltage: 10 types of voltage, from 4.2V to42V
  5. Output Current: 1.0 - 3.0A Customized by customer

General Specifications:

  1. Operating Temperature: 0~40íŠ
  2. Storage Temperature:;-20~85íŠ
  3. Operating Relative Humidity:5~95%RH
  4. Withstanding Voltage: AC 2000V(Min),5mA(Max)
  5. Insulation Resistance:DC 500V  100MŽŞ(Min)

Mechanical Characteristics:

  1. Dimension: depends on the output power
  2. Case Material : Al alloy or Plastic case
  3. Input plug: customized, such as EUROPE STANDARD.
  4. output lead: Coaxial jack or customized
  5. weight: depends on the charger's output power

Safety Certification:CE

C110 is fully committed to compliance with the European Unioní»s RoHS directive.

A Complete charger list is as follows. Click model directly to get the product details.
Application Model
Smart Chargers: C650,  C550, C350, C503,C203, C303,C110, C105, C610
AC Charger for LiPo/Li-ion battery pack:
C01, C01D, C02, C03, C04, C05
C06, C07, C08, C10,C13
AC Charger for NIMH/NICd battery pack:
C0206N, C0510N, C1020N
C1530N, C2040N
AC Charger for Lead acid battery or VRLA: C06P, C12P,C36P
Balance Charger



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