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12S battery saver
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Welcome to down load the latest video for plenty of Chargery products.
many following videos are take by our customers, thank for their hard work and sharing.
Chargry BMS update
Current Calibrating shunt on BMS.
A installation video of the BMS24T to a 24S LiPo battery
Discharge on BMS16T at 1.2A and 30A
ӧߧ Chargery BMS8T, ҧѧݧѧߧڧ է
Chargery BMS update firmware on Main & LCD modules to v4.0
Chargery BMS. Package and settings walk-trough.
Configure 16s LiFePo4 to 48V battery---Connecting balancing leads to battery. Capacity test.
Charge 6S 6.5AH 35C lipo battery with S600PLUS and 50010B
Remote control charge current on C6050A

Chargery C4012B 12S discharger test at 4S

12S LTO 20A balance charge at DC input on C4012B

CHARGERY C10325 charge 24S battery on Auto mode

S600Plus power supply ouput 500W

Chargery S600 V2.0 600W Power Supply video review (NL)

The best combo for balance charge------ CHARGERY 600W power supply and 500W 10S 20A balance charger




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