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AC-DC Adapter ( Programming Digital PFC Power Supply)
Model: S400 3.0

As same as S600, S400 still features High efficiency and Smaller size, Active PFC make the lower input current, save energy and more reliable. High PF improve the energy consumption from main power grid evidently.

S400 V3.0 is programming digital power supply with Active PFC and output 30V 13.5A 400W maximal at 100~240VAC, the power supply reached up to 92% at 60% of load and AC220V, ultra low power consumption make sure its internal temperature under 75℃ and realize components' performance.

Active PFC and Synchronous Rectification assure S400's high performance and reliability.

S400 V3.0 user's manual (363K)


AC 100~240V input, no matter where you are, S400 can work perfectly. it is also equipped with both US / Japan and Europe AC plugs, world wide use need not any alternative switcher.

Adjustable output voltage from 10.0V-30V is convenient for most of applications. Connect to any DC charger which is supposed to be powered by DC 10V~30V, the S400 will provide up to 13.5 Amps 400 Watts maximal.



  1. Digital display output voltage and current on time.
  2. Over current, over voltage, over load and over temperature protection. Resume automatically when troubleshooting.
  3. Short-circuit protection on output, safer and more reliable.
  4. One Intelligent cooling fans turned on at over 45℃
  5. High power density: 400W/Kg
  6. Approved by CE

Input/Output Specifications:

  1. Input Voltage:   AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
  2. Range Voltage: AC 100-240V, 47~63Hz
  3. Max Current : 4.5A @100VAC, 2.0A @ 220VAC
  4. Efficiency: 92% at 60% load and 220V.
  5. Active PFC: PF>0.99 at 90VAC, 100% of load
  6. Output Power:   400W MAX.
  7. Output Voltage: 10.0V~30.0V adjustable
  8. Output Current: 0~13.5A(14.0A MAX.)

General Specifications:

  1. Operating Temperature:   0~50℃
  2. Storage Temperature:      -20~85℃
  3. Operating Relative Humidity: 5~95%RH
  4. Withstanding Voltage:  AC 2000V(Min), 5mA(Max)
  5. Insulation Resistance:  DC500V  100MΩ(Min)

Mechanical Characteristics:

  1. Dimension: 145*106*55 (mm, L*W*H) or 5.7*4.2*2.16 (inch)
  2. AC Plug: Customized according to your demand
  3. Case Material : AL alloy
  4. DC output :XT60
  5. Net weight: 0.8Kg without input cable.

Safety Certification:CE

S400 is fully committed to compliance with the European Union’s RoHS directive.

AC plug can be customized
Efficiency Curve at AC100V and 220V Input for S400
Power Factor at AC100V and 220V Input for S400
AC input RMS current at AC100V and 220V Input for S400

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